Information accountability provides cost recovery data to improve firm billing and collection, expense management for cost reduction, process workflow for control and efficiency and business intelligence to enhance firm profitability.

iA improves efficiency and profitability and guarantees an immediate return-on-investment


Minimize Financial Leakage. As more and more clients are pushing their firms to reduce fees and/or offer alternative fee arrangements, firms need to know exactly what their costs are to ensure profitability firm-wide. This includes “recoverable” firm expenses, which are not always actually captured or recovered and other “firm” expenses that may be related to specific clients. nQueue Billback’s iA Expense Manager easily captures data from all expenses, even those incurred outside an organization’s devices such as travel, research, overnight and courier charges, court fees and credit cards. Automating intake allows information to be collected as expenses are incurred—rather than asking attorneys and administrators to recreate it after the fact. iA Expense Manager captures data more accurately, preventing expenses from “leaking” away from the firm.

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