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Today’s nQueue Billback solution “information Accountability” for the Legal Market offers more than cost recovery. Beyond recovering client-billable expenses, iA leverages your tracking efforts to capture, allocate and accurately bill for every applicable client-related expense.

iA refers to the concept of Information Accountability, which provides Cost Recovery to improve firm billing and collection PLUS 

  • Expense Management to help a firm trim its own costs
  • Workflow to increase firm efficiency and productivity
  • Automatic capture, process and delivery of scanned documents
  • Business Intelligence to improve profitability and overall decision making

Recover Costs

Gain cost savings by capturing and allocating every document available for chargeback, including non-document expenses – from copies, scans and prints to online research, phone calls and postage.       provides detailed print tracking reports that will help you:

  • Monitor, measure and charge for each print job
  • Assign charges to specific users, departments, customers or job numbers
  • Convert standard business expenses into new revenue streams
  • Reduce equipment costs; accelerate ROI
  • Expand Revenue Opportunities

    Go beyond the traditionally tracked cost items such as copies and faxes and capture more of your client-billable expenses. Our platform lets you develop new revenue streams by capturing and billing for overlooked expenses, allowing you to:

    • Chargeback a wide range of non-document expenses, including phone, VoIP calls, online research and postage
    • Leverage printer color management to allocate charges for more expensive color printing and copying usage
    • Recover scanning costs while directly integrating scans into document workflow
    • Seamlessly import and reconcile electronically invoiced vendor expenses from UPS, FedEx, Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw and more

Improve Productivity and Business Processes

Create multiple efficiencies without changing the way you work. Our fully integrated business platform with multiple vendors allows your colleagues to maximize their efforts, including the ability to automatically chargeback client-billable expenses to specific clients and matter/project numbers. This functionality helps you to:

  • Record and recover scan costs
  • Streamline and centralize invoicing
  • Provide tight integration with IT infrastructure
  • Ensure a consistent user experience across every device, in every office
  • Automate report generation of key monthly management metrics

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