Workflow and Effeciency

nQueue Billback’s iA provides a workflow module to allow for seamless integration and real-time tracking of production statistics. Efficiency is created with Web-based job submission and job status notification reducing waste and improving staffing.

Firms that implement iA can experience significant improvements in job submission, tracking and expense recovery in its copy center. iA automates project intake procedures to allow better tracking of incoming projects and better management and monitoring of progress automatically, in real time. iA provides the firm with a better understanding of copy center operations and also provides an immediate impact in four key areas: job intake, workflow, operator production and delivery.

  • Job Intake With iA, a user can fill out a job ticket online, check out the electronic version of the document from the firm’s document management system and attach it electronically to the online form. The copy center can use its multifunctional devices to output and copy the job. The user never needs to leave his or her desk.


  • Workflow iA’s automated workflow can select the operator’s next job. This optimizes the system, limiting deadline problems and allowing the firm to get more production from less staff and equipment.


  • Operator production At each stage of the job (e.g., copy, bind, quality control), the operator can select the job ID directly from the MFD. iA Platform tracks all job productivity such as completion, beginning and end time and waste copies. With this information, both the facilities management and legal teams can always know the status of any job.


  • Delivery iA tracks all completed work by when it left the center, the messenger responsible and the time and location of delivery.



With iA, the firm can manage its entire copy center to increase efficiency throughout the firm. Because all tracking is done in real time, the team can see complete information at any time.

nQueue Billback’s iA Scan allows firms to automatically capture, process and deliver scans directly from their multi-function devices while simultaneously capturing cost recovery information.

With iA Scan, firms can manage scanning directly from the Tablet or Terminal attached to their multi-function devices, providing the following benefits.

  • Full functionality while working at the MFD With iA Scan users can capture, convert and route scans while working at the Multi-Function Device, with no need for cover sheets created in advance at the desktop.
  • Scan directly to document management systems iA Scan allows users to easily scan documents directly to document management systems. Document security and retention policies are enhanced as attorneys and staff may be prevented from scanning to their e-mail boxes. Mailbox sizes are easier to control and documents can be found and re-used more easily. Template driven technology allows firms to enable email support allowing users their personal or a global Outlook address book while working at the MFD.
  • Increase productivity iA Scan empowers best practices to increase productivity, including management of a variety of file types and OCR, and easy and automatic communication between MFDs, document management systems and cost recovery.
  • Be green By simplifying scanning and document management, firms can retrieve electronic documents, rather than print and distribute paper.
  • Recover costs from scans More and more firms are billing clients back for scans. iA Scan captures all information related to scanning in order to bill clients or simply more effectively manage firm expenses.


nQueue Billback’s iA provides more return on investment (ROI) than other cost recovery/expense management systems because it captures more data more accurately and then leverages that data both as a conduit for recovering costs from clients and as a tool for better management.

nQueue Billback’s iA provides the information to perform profitability analyses by matter, client, practice group or office to improve profitability and decision making throughout the firm. This includes:

  • Embedded technology iA’s software more accurately collects information on the type of processes being completed at the MFD, such as black-and-white vs. color.
  • Detailed reports on printing Firms can more easily recover costs from print, but also make decisions based upon who is printing, how much, what printers are most used and whether people are printing large documents to the high-speed copiers, which are less expensive per page. iA’s print tracking programs also allow for the automatic redirection of large print jobs to high speed MFDs.
  • Information about scans By knowing who is scanning and how much, an educated decision about whether and when to charge clients can be made. Even if the firm chooses to write these charges off, clients can still be informed so they can see what the firm is doing for them and what value they are getting at no cost.
  • Automatic intake of all expense data iA Expense Manager captures data more accurately, allowing the firm to get a better handle on all expenses, by importing the transactions directly, validating the transactions and sending the valid ones directly to the time and billing system while pushing the invalid transactions back to the person who created them in the form of an exception. All of this also produces valuable data for the firm, such as who is FedEx-ing what and whether the firm is recovering this expense. Firms have better data points to consider, such as whether the firm would benefit from third-party companies who automatically shop for the least expensive shipping provider.
  • More value from write-offs There is great value in client development, and writing off a few hundred dollars in copies can be much better for a firm than writing off a few hours. But these decisions must be made strategically, and if no one knows what is being written off or why, the firm may be flushing revenue down the drain. The value is in the data. iA provides complete information about who is writing off these costs and why.