iA Expense Manager
iA Expense Manager allows the easy importing of data from any source, in any electronic format. Firms can recover a higher percentage of costs while benefiting from a clearer understanding of all firm expenses. The result is less financial leakage and more profitability.
  • Less Effort and Quicker Results. Importing expense data with iA Expense Manager means less time waiting for information to be keyed in, and frees up resources for more strategic work.
  • Increased Accuracy. Expense data is not re-keyed but imported automatically, eliminating errors and maximizing consistency.
  • More Knowledge. iA Expense Manager provides firms full insight into all expenses, whether recoverable or not.
  • Ensure efficient billing to clients. Automation means bills get out quicker.
  • More Recoveries. Data collected means more expenses captured and recovered from clients
  • Better Vendor Management. The rapid availability of detailed transaction information enables the firm to assess the true costs of a vendor, manage payment of invoices to the vendor, identify the actual users of vendor services within the firm and better negotiate rates, contracts and levels of service.
  • Avoid financial leakage. Capture a higher percentage of expenses.
  • Improving profitability. Analysis of all expenses by client, matter, practice area and more allows the firm to ensure profitability and make better decisions about the quality and importance of such expenses as well as particular clients or matters.

Data can be imported from any type of third-party vendor. Just a few examples include:

Minimize Financial Leakage by Capturing Accurate Data from All Sources with iA Expense Manager

  • Data can be imported in any format, including comma-delimited text files (even with multiple delimiteters), fixed-width text files or spreadsheets.
  • Data can be imported from third-party vendors, covering expenses related to: Travel: Most major airlines and hotels are supported, as are trains, taxis and car services

            *  Legal Research: LexisNexis, Westlaw and Pacer

            *  Overnight/Courier: FedEx, UPS are supported, as well as local messengers

            *  Court Fees and other local charges

            *  Credit Cards: Information from American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Diner’s Club can be imported

  • Standards and flexible reports improve understanding of data and allow better decision making. iA Expense Manager provides both standard reports and the ability to “slice-and-dice” data for specific needs.
  • Data can be analyzed to optimize firm productivity and profitability, and provide a better understanding of the value of specific clients, matters and practice areas.


nQueue Billback’s iA helps firms collect  advanced information to maximize profitability.  Firms can analyze capacity, utilization and maintenance to improve workflows and deploy devices more effectively and efficiently.


nQueue Billback’s iA Scan does much more than tracks scans for client billing. iA Scan is template-driven so firms can easily and automatically capture, process and deliver scans directly from their MFDs, enhancing document security and helping to enforce retention policies.


nQueue Billback’s iA Expense Manager easily captures data from all expenses, even those incurred outside an organization’s devices. Information is collected automatically as expenses are incurred and  Data is more  accurate to improve profitability firmwide.


In addition to capturing all expenses for potential  recovery, nQueue Billback’s iA provides the information to perform profitability analyses  by matter, client, practice group or office to support profitability and better decision making throughout the firm.