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Expense Management Systems began operation in South Africa in 2001 where it quickly established its reputation as the supplier of choice to South Africa’s premiere professional services firms, including Webber Wentzel, Werksmans Attorneys, Bowman Gilfillan Inc., and many others.

Expense¬† Management¬† Systems is in the business of Engineering Profit; it focuses on increasing the recovery of client related expenses in professional service firms and adheres to a philosophy of results oriented invoicing; its clients pay for results, not hardware. Its main areas of focus are the recovery of printing, copying, Telkom, facsimile, e-mail and sundry costs. With new updated products like nQueue Billback’s “IA” and REKOOP we are now able to track billable time and call costs on Blackberry handheld devices as well as desktop billable time tracking software.

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